How to Grow Hair Faster

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Cutting your hair short can be done in an instant but waiting for it to grow back seems to be forever. And you simply wish that you can just wake up in the morning having longer hair again. The truth is; there is no magic that you can use to make your hair grow very fast, except if you cheat and use hair extensions. However, you can help it grow faster over time.


A dry scalp massage will do the trick. So if you are at home, doing nothing, why not spend it productively by massaging your scalp. You can also ask someone to do it for you. This will help in stimulating your scalp’s blood flow. Once hair follicles will get more nutrients than they used to, they will help hair to grow faster as well.


You can also do a wet hair massage. Find some time to massage your hair with your fingers when taking a bath from the back going to your hairline. And don’t forget to regularly trim your hair. Remember that when your hair is healthy and split end free, it can grow better. Taking vitamin supplements will also help boost your hair’s health. Just an over the counter Vitamin B derivatives and antioxidant blends will do. Include biotin and Viviscal, they’re good too.


Don’t shampoo too often, they cause drying effects to your hair. Condition your hair frequently instead to replenish the oil and nutrients stripped off from your hair when you shampoo them. If you are fond of using heating tools, may as well refrain from doing so. You are just burning your hair; you can feel this through the heat and sense it through the smell. If you can’t help it but find yourself in a condition that warrants the need to use of hot hair appliance, use protective hair products to reduce the effects of heat to your hair.


When showering, rinse your hair with cold water. It helps in sealing hair cuticles, preventing moisture loss as well as heat damage. Be warned against using scalding hot water to your hair. Know that this will result to weak hair strands, something that you wouldn’t want to happen to your hair. You can also turn to a hair growth shampoo. Nisim shampoo is the best hair growth shampoo in the market. Hence, this product is worth trying for. For additional information, click at this link.

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Hair loss issue-The Facts

Hair LossHair is a very sensitive issue for all. We all love to have lustrous hair. A good hair gives you a lot of confidence. But hair is always sensitive as many people face issues with hair and hair loss. There are many several issues once can face with hair like dull hair, not having proper growth of hair, dandruff, hair loss and baldness.

Hair is one factor that gives a lot of confidence to people. A person loses their hair and thus reduces their confidence. Several factors contribute to hair loss and so the treatment for hair loss has to be made by understanding the reason for hair loss. There are several treatments available for hair loss issue.

Hair LossMany modern medicines have been introduced for hair loss issue and still researches are going on to find a special medicine that can help get rid of hair loss issue permanently. There are a lot of herbal medicines and treatments available for hair loss. Herbs are very good for any treatments. An increase in body heat is yet another reason for hair loss in many people. Your food contributes a lot in hair growth and hair loss. A good diet will always help you to have healthy hair.

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Hair loss and their reasons

Hair GrowthTo stop this or to get relief to this issue you can use some products and minimize your hair loss.

There is no need to take medicines for hair loss that is temporary. In temporary hair loss the hair will start coming back after a span of time. The next type of hair loss is a serious issue.

Some people lose hair as a side effect to chemotherapy. Even this type of hair loss is temporary. People who have lost hair after chemotherapy will regain all the hair back once the chemotherapy is topped or once the effect of the medicine is over. In such hair loss cases one should always consult a doctor and take proper medication to get rid of this issue. Many people lose a lot of hair as a side effect to certain type of medicine.

Hair GrowthThese type of hair loss is also temporary as in such cases also you will get your hair back once your medicines are stopped. Yet another reason for hair loss which most of the people face is dandruff issue. Dandruff is a very serious issue for hair loss. Dandruff is nothing but a symptom for dry hair. Dryness of your scalp leads to lot of hair loss in your head. There are several treatments available for dandruff but once you get dandruff there is always a tendency to get it back.

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